I’ve photographed weddings in a few different languages now. And last month at this Villa De L’Amour  wedding was the 4th language. – English Spanish, Portuguese and Korean. I love languages that take place in different languages. I never feel awkward or like I’m being left out. I normally tell couples on the day of their wedding to ignore me until after the ceremony, and I stay out of their way let the day unfold and document emotional connections and feelings and events as they present themselves.

      The mage below was one of my favorite images of the day was the last image I photographed. In any language, a father’s love for his daughter is the purest form of love. It’s truly a gospel love, showing me how much the Lord loves me as a daughter, and it’s one of my favorite parts of a wedding to watch a father toast his daughter and her new life. And judging from the tears from more than one person, the words were beautiful. Words aren’t necessary to understand and appreciate love. It shows itself off in the simplest and most beautiful forms.


      Villa De L'amour wedding

      Villa De L’amour

      A Villa De L’amour wedding is always beautiful. I love the mediterranean look of the courtyard, and the modern cement floors inside. The lighting in the ceremony room creates a bright but intimate atmosphere, and the gates make for a beautiful entrance and exit.  And you can’t beat the location! Right in downtown High Point, near hotels and restaurants, and there’s so much parking on the weekend! It’s a great place right there in the city, perfect to host a ton of people, and east for caterers to bring banging food, and bartenders to mix awesome cocktails. Billie, the owner is really nice, super helpful, always professional. You can’t go wrong by at least taking a tour of the Villa.


      Enjoy these images! If you love them, please visit my portfolio or my pricing page and inquire about your own wedding.


      Villa de l'amour weddingVilla De L'amor weddingVilla De L'amour WeddingVilla De L'amour WeddingVilla De L'amour Wedding

       Villa De L'amour Wedding


      Villa De L'amour Wedding

      Villa De L'amour WeddingVilla De L'amour Wedding

      villa de lamour weddingVilla De L'amour WeddingVilla De L'amour WeddingVilla De L'amour WeddingVilla De L'amour Weddingvilla de l'amour wedding