4 Suggestions for Beautiful Bridal Prep Images

Today I’m excited to share 4 suggestions for beautiful bridal prep images is a clean bright space. Here’s a few easy ways to achieve the clean classic look you want in in your bridal prep and dressing images. As an added bonus, the same is true for groomsmen pictures. 4 suggestions for beautiful bridal prep images


  • Have all the details in one place, ready to photograph. This includes: wedding dress, Bridesmaid dress, any other dresses (Flower girl, mother of the bride. etc), Shoes, rings (engagement, bride and grooms bands), other jewelry, ceremony program, invitation, any heirlooms that will be part of the wedding. If the bouquets are ready, we’ll do that then as well. My second and I usually pick a spot on a chair near a window, or simply on a beautiful wood floor to photograph details.
  • In the room where you’re getting ready and where the bride is dressing, try to keep things as picked up as possible. Clothes, shoes, undergarments, make up bags not belonging to the Hair and Makeup artists etc, should be in bags, and the bags kept as much out of the way as possible, in closets, or another room so people don’t trip and so they won’t be in portraits when the bride is putting on her dress. Counter tops and beds being clear also contributes to great clean images. Empty cups, cans, plates, utensils, etc should be kept in one place during hair and makeup, then cleared away when it’s time to dress. Believe it or not, things get scattered easily on the day of the wedding, and making sure everyone stays picked up actually makes the day flow more smoothly. It’s worth it to gently remind your ladies to make sure they can keep their stuff together and in an out of the way place.

  • Natural light sources should not be blocked. Blinds and curtains should be open, lights should be off, unless the room is dark, etc.
  • Electronics: I make an effort to shoot around large electronics such as TV, stereo systems, etc. But I usually suggest to couples that if there’s something you might not want in the prep images, feel free to move it.



Using these 4 suggestions for beautiful bridal prep images is part of getting beautiful images. Another large part is making sure that your photographer knows how to present images both in their natural setting and also by themselves. It may not seem like it at the time, but one day you might look back through your images, hoping for a glimpse of your bouquet, and it will bring you joy. I know my images of details do. I love them. I’m so glad I have them and you will too!


Happy Planning~ Charity



Venue: Villa De L’Amour

Dress: Marie’s Bridal Shop

Flowers: Amor FLowers and Decor

Photography: One Crazy Love


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