About Me

      I can list out my love of wine/cocktails/mid century design/Jesus and how photography is my passion. But you can read  that on some other photographer’s website.

      Instead, I want to talk about confidence. I’m confident that together we can create images that are the beautiful, simple, natural, modern expression of the you that is- the uniqueness of ou- your uncommonness if you will how your relationship is uncommonly beautiful.

      It takes a relationship built on confidence of us all to make these images happen. I want you to have the confidence that you’re having the wedding that’s an expression of the two of you. I want to know that your images are the same.

      After 7 years and over 100 weddings, I’ve learned to keep each wedding season a small and beautiful one- just 10-15 weddings to make sure that I can give you the attention you need and make sure every images that heads out my studio door is handcrafted and chosen by me to represent the moments and emotions of your day that will stand the test of time. Yours is the day I want to photograph- the day you plan, and that unfolds in exactly the way it’s supposed to.

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