4 tips to plan a fabulous wedding reception

      A wedding reception can sometimes be a difficult thing to plan. You need to maintain a party atmosphere for 3-4 hours, and entaining a large group of people for that long can be a little daunting. Here’s 4 tips that can help you think through what you’d like for your reception and how to get guests partying!

      1. Your reception is a way to thank your guests for coming to support you and celebrate with you. Keep them engaged in the party with fun activities for them as much as for you:

      – have a photobooth- hire it out, do a DIY one on your own. You photographer will have great suggestions for you. Guest LOVE photobooths. (ask about OCL’s roaming photobooth!)

      – give your guests a scavenger hunt: look for the bride and groom kissing, a red rose, an abandoned glass of champagne. I’ve seen one couple give a fantastic prize to the guest who finishes theirs first an yells out a designated phrase like “CRESSIDA AND IVAN FOREVER!”. It was pretty hilarious!

      – do a snowball dance: the bridal party dances, then goes and grabs a guest. Those guests grab another guest, and pretty soon, everyone is up and dancing.

      – tell fun stories about each other in your toasts.

      "Roaming Photobooth" "Wake Forest Wedding"
      The Roaming Photobooth from One Crazy Love!

      2. Set a great ambiance:

      -hire a band or a DJ that’s more than just background music- a good D.J will know how to get a crowd going.

      -ask for music recommendations to get your guests dancing, or their favorite cocktail or appetizer if your caterer is open to requests.

      -consider uplighting  creat an ethereal or club like atmosphere. Uplighting is also an inexpensive way to make a reception venue go from drab to fab. The right lighting and music combo sets a celebratory atmosphere, while making guests feel comfortable. http://www.rentmywedding.com/Rent-Uplighting.html is great affordable resource!

      "A D.J dances at a Portofino wedding with his guests"
      THis D.J actually came out onto the dance floor and dance with the guests and lead them in the Cupid Shuffle
      "Uplights at a Wake Forest Wedding"
      Uplights took this gym from drab to fab!

      3. Keep things moving along, but with plenty of time for mingling

      -set the stage by making the rounds of the tables with toasting glasses during the meal. Encourage people to dance and have fun! Hug! Celebrate! Merry make!

      -ask your DJ to announce activities a few minutes in advance so people know what’s coming next.

      4. Let guests into your relationship:

      -post a pictorial history of you both so that guests can know when you had your first kiss, your first date, or how your groom proposed!

      Band at Chateau Fontaine Bed and Breakfast Wedding"

      Enjoy these suggestions! I hope they’ve helped you to think about how to make your reception one awesome party! As always, I’d love to be a resource for you! feel free to drop an email and ask about the things I’ve seen, because I’ve pretty much seen (and photographed) it all! 


      Thanks for the shout out! Great article.