Eno River Engagement Session

This Eno River engagement session has been a long time coming. I really love this place, the sound of the river, the quietness of the place, the way the river changes from still and quiet to mild rapids as you go around a bend. I really believe there’s something there for everyone from the soulful wanderer to the outdoor enthusiast. It’s the first and only place I think of when people ask me what I like about living in the Triangle.   I sat on my favorite spots for a while, wanting to bring a couple there, but waiting for the right couple. And then along came Cory and Lizzy. So I summoned all my courage and asked Lizzy, “I know you’re both outdoor adventurists… how do you feel about hanging out in a river?” And they were in. It’s natural they would be since their relationship blossomed over training for marathons and that Corey lives on a lake and manages a campground. It’s rugged. As a suburban dweller, I’m a little envious they’re going to live on a lake for the first years of their marriage. That’s pretty idyllic, right? Lizzy and Cory laugh a lot together and I know that their wedding day is going to be full of laughter. When I asked them what they loved about each other Lizzy said,  “I love that he makes me laugh.” Cory said, “I love making her laugh.” Their life together is already full and beautiful.

Anyway,  as more and more of my couples are adventurous lovers of nature, I find myself out looking for beautiful and overlooked spots, places away from people, other photographers, and inviting to the eye and mind. If I find a good spot, I take my husband out there to look at it. Sometimes I take some pictures of him to see how it photographs. And then, when I’m ready, I wait for the right couple. I think engagement sessions work best when we’re all away from prying eyes of people, where my couples can be themselves and enjoy exploring a beautiful place.

Enjoy this session! I’d love to take you and yours to my favorite parts of the river some evening for your own Eno River engagement session.

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