We'll create images with soul.

      This much is true: You live and love in a natural, authentic world. On your wedding day, you want images that are finely crafted and stand the test of time. Something real, something as unique as you are, perhaps with a little dash of the dramatic to keep things lively. This is where I come in. With 7 years and over 100 weddings under my belt, I can produce images you can relive, moments you can feel in the future long after the memories start to fade, in a natural and relaxed experience.

      Josh and Haley

      "Charity did an excellent job of capturing the special moments that we missed (like my aunts dancing, or my father-in-law actually smiling). My husband and I are very introverted, and we were worried that our photos would looked forced. Somehow, Charity managed to guide us perfectly through comfortable poses that led to natural and candid moments. Her style and personality were the perfect fit for us, and we are so thankful for all of her support and the beautiful photographs that we will certainly treasure forever!"

      Adi and Jose

      "Charity was fantastic! I really couldn't have asked for a more interactive photographer. She knew when to take the shot and took so many photographs! My album is finally finished and people have raved about the photos. Charity was easy to work with, she was friendly with my guests, which was the absolute most important thing to me."

      Brittany and Jason

      We looked everywhere for a photographer with a casual, authentic style within our price range. We found One Crazy Love and immediately contacted Charity to talk more! She took the time to meet us in person, talk about our interests (not just wedding related, but really she tried to get to know US) and tell us about herself as well. I think her efforts to get to know us shined through in her photography!