What to do after a Bridal Show

Today’s post is a short and sweet one, dedicated to all you future brides out there who are attending a bridal show soon, or just attended one. Chances are, you’ll only go to 1-2, and as someone who’s been to several, I wanted to offer some tips for you on what to do after a bridal show.

But first, I wanted to chat about Bridal Shows in general. The best ones in NC are held by Forever Bridal, and they happen about 4 times a year at NC State Fair Grounds here in Raleigh. They usually take place in large conference like room, and there’s a lot happening. Dj’s are playing music, people handing you food and drink, there’s a fashion show, lights, and pictures. People are asking you’ve if you’ve found your version of whatever vendor they are everywhere you turn. It can be overwhelming in the best way possible.  A lot of brides have told me they don’t know what to do afterwards, so I thought I’d share 8 quick tips on what to do during a bridal show and what to do after a bridal show.

What to do at a Bridal Show

  1. When you first come in, you’ll get a bag to carry all the swag you’ll receive. Get out a pen and have it handy because you’ll be able to sign up for info, giveaways, and coupons. If you can score a second bag, grab it, and I’ll tell you what to do below next.
  2. If you’ve been engaged a while, and have most of your vendors, go right to the ones you don’t have. It will be hard, but skip all the other ones. Unless they have food, and you want to eat it. Then stop and get food! At the Southern Bridal SHow and Expo, there’s usually champagne! I like that, even though I have a company policy not to drink on the job.
  3. If you’re newly engaged, take your time. Let this be your opportunity to see what you see and strikes your fancy.
  4. ABOVE ALL, have fun! Make a date of it, or a bridesmaids outing, or bring whoever wants to come along. Don’t go alone. I love when I see both sets of parents and the couple, or a bride and her maids come by. They’re having fun, and I love seeing the excitement and anticipation from everyone.


What to do AFTER a Bridal Show

Remember that second bag I told you about? It’s for presorting. If you come across a vendor you loved at the show, put their printed goods in one bag. Put everything else in the second bag, but don’t throw it away. If this idea is overwhelming to you, then use a pen to put a star on vendors you like a lot and keep everything in the same bag.  Then do the following.

  1. Take a day. Seriously. Let your bag or bags sit. Enjoy some wine or a beer and Netflix.
  2. The next day, or whenever you’re ready, sit down with the bag, and start sorting. If you used the two bag method, go into your favorites bag and pull out the material and sort into vendor types, venues, DJ’s, Cakes, Caters, Photographers, etc. Over the next few days, email or call them for more information. Set up consultations or ask about pricing. If those vendors are out of budget, or turn out to not be a good fit or are booked on your date, then repeat with the second bag. You’ll find someone you love!
  3. If you used the one bag method, sort through dividing by vendor types, and then pull out the materials you marked as a favorite. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. Take a break when you need to. Don’t let wedding planning drag you down. Pair the sorting with some netflix (I like netflix.), wine ( I also love that) or friends. Do you.


Have any more questions? Need more suggestions? Contact me! I’d love to meetup and chat about what to do after a bridal show, or weddings, or anything else on your mind!

Happy Planning!


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