Howard House Wedding Photos.

When I first chatted with Janie about these Howard House wedding photos, I was really excited. Janie has a beautiful sense of classic, elegant style and she had a particular vision for her wedding. She enlisted Dara, or Dare to be different events to execute that style. When Janie and Alex’s wedding day arrived, it was a beautiful, sunny cool day. Spirits were high, and anticipation was palpable. Janie was calm, collected and beautiful, and Alex and the groomsmen were busy setting up chairs, running errands, enjoying the day. Dara,  was setting up a glorious set of table scapes in the event tent next door.

As the day progressed, it got better and better. Their ceremony was beautiful, everything went off without a hitch. You can’t ask for a more beautiful day than a Howard House wedding. Lauren commented several times on how wonderful everyone was.

Photographers, if you ever have the opportunity to make Howard House Wedding photos, you’ll be a happy camper.

Brides, the Howard House has tons of space. Some old houses are small and a little cramped. But the Howard House has huge windows and open rooms. There’s so much space to spread out in and enjoy your day. The area where the house is quiet. Natural light abounds, you have plenty of beautiful spots nearby to photograph in.

I read once that a house isnt a home until it’s had a birth and wedding in it. And one thing I love about estate weddings is that they’re silent witnesses to the joy of so many families. And in old houses especially they’ve seen many many things. It’s one of the things I love most about shooting weddings there- the stories that exist in and about the house. The wedding that I’m photographing that day is just one part of the history.

I’m so glad I could be part of this day.

Venue: Howard House, Dunn, NC

Dress: Maggi Bridal

Grooms attire: brooks brothers

Planning and Style: Dare 2b Different Events.

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