Classic Greensboro Engagement Session

Most of the time, a classic Greensboro engagement session like these are part of wedding collections that people book. But every year, there’s a few couples who have a special connection with North Carolina, or for other reasons come from other places to have engagement sessions with me. And today I wanted to feature some of my favorites from these sessions.

For a long time I’ve been working more towards attracting couples from different places, that maybe aren’t from North Carolina, or having weddings here, but like to travel and have images in different places. Some of the couples met here, and now live somewhere else. Some live in different states and came just to have to a session with me, some just like Greensboro. Greensboro, NC is classic southern city. Not big, but has a lot of sass and artistry and doesn’t ignore some of the more gritty parts of it’s life as a southern city. Greensboro in particular has the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, which memorializes the non violent sit in at the Woolworths on S. Elm Street. I walk past it constantly. I’m taking my kids there next month to introduce them to it. It’s one of the things I love best about Greensboro over other cities in NC. It took a lot to make that Center and Museum happen. It shouldn’t have, but the group persisted, and I love that that it prevailed. That in itself is very southern, and one of the things I’m learning to love about the south.

Anyways, I digress.

When I photograph engagement sessions, I really like talking to my couples. Our conversations in that session alone really confirm to me that each couple is on many levels, my ideal client. We talk a lot about that in the photography industry. But in reality, I think that any couple can be an ideal client if you get to know them. I love listening to their stories, some are so inspiring and full of endurance. Others are testaments to love blooming in the unlikeliest of places. And others are stories of love that started in childhood, grow into friendship, and formed itself into a deep and abiding undercurrent for others lives. It’s different for everyone. And with each couple I photograph, I’m able to connect with them through sharing parts of our lives no matter how small. It’s a reminder that we’re all the same and share the same desires and hopes in many ways. It’s a reminder that there’s very little time for hatred, envy, spite, or retribution. I think there’s no better time to internalize that than now, and these couples I have the honor of photographing are all beautiful examples of how when love doesn’t seem like enough, the endurance it takes to really love another person is enough.

Endure in love. Enjoy the images.

Classic Greensboro Engagement SessionClassic Greensboro Engagement SessionClassic Greensboro Engagement SessionClassic Greensboro Engagement SessionClassic Greensboro Engagement SessionClassic Greensboro Engagement SessionClassic Greensboro Engagement SessionClassic Greensboro Engagement Session

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