Usually, most people use this space to tell you that photography is their passion. But you can read that on some other photographer's blog. While I do love photography, TV, mid century modern anything, traveling, and Jesus, your wedding day is really about you, and not me. 

It's about this how your bridesmaids oh and ahh at your reveal to them, the tears wiped away at your first glimpse. It's about how your dad looks at you when he meets you at the bottom of the aisle. And it's about the beauty of lare and small moments of your day, ending in  shower of sparklers and well wishes as you launch into your new life together, a new legacy born of love and hope.

A beautiful image is more than a moment captured. It holds onto emotions long after memories fade. And years from now, you'll walk down the hall and see yourself crying and laughing at the same time, and that photo gives those emotions back to you as you relive that moment. And THAT- the continuity of self and love and legacy and life is why I create visual legacies of love. 

" One Crazy Love is a Is a wedding photography Studio in Cary, NC I create visual histories of people in love "