How to get published on a wedding blog part 2

This is part 2 of how to get published on a wedding blog. You can read part 1 here. I’m continuing my numbering from the first part.

So I’m back today with the last few thoughts about how to get published on a wedding blog. In the time since posting the first blog and this one I’ve been prepping two weddings to be submitted. It’s still a major amount of work, which leads me to my next point.

5. Make blogging and submitting a part of your wedding workflow. For a lot of photographers reading this, they’ll be like, “Uh, DUH.” but I wasn’t doing that at all, partly because my shooting schedule was so heavy and partly out of a sense of anxiety and fear. Blogging for my website can very tedious and mundance when it comes to SEO work, and tagging, and all the prep that goes into it, not to mention feeling like stomping around like a toddler when my images upload in reverse order and in a different size. It’s probably just a matter of clicking a different box. But that’s a different story. The point is that I’ve been working to make it part of my wedding workflow: booking, planning, shooting, culling, editing, delivery, re-culling for submission, then re-culling for my blog (two different methods) and then actually blogging, and finally submitting. Just typing that was exhausting. But I think that in the long run, I’ll be glad I’ve made changes to my work flow.6. Details are KEY. And this is where it get really hard for a lot of reasons. Editors love details. I got a rejection last week from an editor who said, I love your work, and I want you to submit again, but I’m rejecting this submission because I was hoping for more unexpected details”. Now, normally, I would follow up with, “What’s unexpected to you?” but I can’t because i’m working through two bright lights and they don’t have a place for that, and the editor wouldn’t respond anyway because the blog was a pretty popular one. But there’s the thing: My clients come to me because I’m for and specializing in capturing people and joy. Details are important to my clients. They put a lot of work into them, but at the end of the day, they commission me to photograph their wedding because of other reasons. But at the same time, I’ve learned that when it comes to details, styling, cohesiveness with my personal wedding day work flow, and variety are key. My second and I work hard to photograph details in a natural and authentic way that the bride will love, then for ourselves and the editors. I’ve had to put in long hours of work on this, and it’s been paying off. So if you take away anything from this short series, it’s basically this: up your detail game. If you don’t have a lot of details, photograph them in a way that really shows them off in situ, and then in an editorial style that editors will love and are easily converted into instagram, facebook, and pinterest posts.

Un-DIYing your wedding

I’m saving my last two points for part three, about culling for publishing, and writing and intro, which will be out in a week! But be on the lookout for more fun blogs over the next few days!

If you have more questions on how to get published on a wedding blog, I’d love to answer them. email me at


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